Best Office Tools: Do Your Employees Know how to Use them?

Best Office Tools

Perhaps you have invested in the latest, greatest version of Microsoft Office ™.  It wasn't cheap, but are you getting any more productivity from your employees as a result?Probably not, if they haven't received any additional training.  It is likely they are using the same features they learned 10 years and 3 versions ago. Having the Best Office Tools is important, but more important is to know ho to use them.

Chip Reaves, the former CEO of Computer Troubleshooters, encountered office after office where people were not using the tools that they had effectively.  This prompted him to start Bigger-Brains, a provider of affordable online training courses.  The content at Bigger Brains is excellent and we have used it for internal training with our staff.    What we really like about it is that the modules are "bite-sized" and you can easily skip around and learn the topics you are interested in.

A number of our clients have taken advantage of the Bigger Brains training.  If you want to learn more about Bigger Brains or are ready to get your staff trained, send us an email or give a call.  We have a preferred relationship with Bigger Brains and can typically provide the training at a lower cost.

Some of the Courses available are:

  • Office 365 Essentials
  • Windows 8 Essentials
  • Mastering Outlook 2013
  • Mastering Word 2010 / What's new in Word 2013
  • Mastering Excel 2010 / What's new in Excel 2013
  • Mastering Powerpoint 2010 / What's new in Powerpoint 2013
  • Mastering Quickbooks 2013 / What's new in Quickbooks 2014

Bigger Brains Courses Are Expressly Designed To Maximize Learning And Benefits 

  • Courses capture and maintain your attention
  • No tedious or boring lectures
  • Requires only minutes to learn and master a new skill
  • Topics focus on real-world, practical knowledge and skills
  • Our unique “Teacher & Learner” format avoids a one-way information dump into an engaging conversation, with dialogue, questions and  answers, and more

Get this great resources and let your employees use The Best Office Tools