The New Apple Watch. What’s All the Fuss About?

Lately, there has been a big buzz about the new Apple releases. Putting aside the iPhone 6, it is the new Apple watch that’s stirring people’s apple2 (1)curiosity. A true fact: at $350 you get the newest best-looking, best-designed watch you can buy when released in 2015. Food for thought: do you really need yet another watch?


Based on technology analysts’ point of view, there currently doesn’t seem to be an appetite out there for such a ‘toy’ despite Apple’s extraordinary track record of introducing new and out-of-the-box gadgets. Along the way, technological advances have always seemed somehow natural: moving from a bulky room-sized computer to a desktop to a laptop to a tablet-sized electronic device seemed like a normal and gradual transition. However, the addition of the smart watch simply feels like an intrusion in the world of electronics rather than a logical technological progression.


In addition, the new watch is not immune to some noted glitches. In the first place, the Apple release did not allude to the watch battery life and limited their mention to charging the watch nightly. Many analysts wondered whether that meant that the battery will barely last for the day. Secondly, the watch doesn’t function properly unless an iPhone is nearby. Apple hasn’t explicitly stated that pairing with the iPhone is essential, but they haven’t made it clear either that the watch could function as a standalone device.

Finally, unless people see themselves using all the watch features, they don’t seem to rush to spend $350 on an item that they may already have. For people who already own watches or who have completely opted out of wearing watches since they get the time on their phones anyway, the watch price is still considered on the high end.


Ultimately, one should consider that as a ‘gadget’, the Apple watch is subject to technological advances and future updates. Only time will tell.