MP3 files: How to see the song's tags?

Question of the month: How can I fix my mp3 files so I can see the song’s tags, such as the title, singer, and album properly displayed in electronic devices?MP3

Answer: When you download an MP3 and do not include its related information or if that information is written in a non-western language, symbols are displayed on the electronic device. That information is called a tag.


Tags or labels are stored with MP3 files and hold information about a particular track or album, such as the song title, the artist’s name, the album title, the release date, and the genre. Although most current audio software automatically include this information, it is important to be able to manually edit MP3 tags. Track information can sometimes be confused with other songs and you may want to edit the genre or other information to suit your own needs.


In Mac OSX you can edit the song tags by right-clicking the song file in iTunes and select "Get Info.". In the dialogue box that will pop up, you will find the track info under the "Info" tab. In that tab you can edit the Name (song title), Artist, Album, Year, Track Number, Disc Number, Composer, Genre and others.


In Windows you can edit the song tags in Windows Media Player. Find the song you would like to edit. Right-click it, then click "Advanced Tag Editor" from the menu that pops up. When the tag editor opens, the editable fields will appear: Title, Artist, Album, Genre and a variety of other tags. Make the edits you see fit. Click "OK" and your new tags will be associated with the song, and will be viewable in Windows Media Player and any other electronic device you use.