The Comeback of the PCsmacbook-pro-apple


Despite the growing trend of using smartphones and tablets to access the internet and perform certain tasks, laptop and desktop PCs are not likely to disappear anytime soon. In fact, in the case of laptops, sales grew to 300 million units in 2014. Market research even shows that the sales for tablets in general are dropping, perhaps due to the newness of the technology wearing off. The downward sale trend is also likely, because PCs are capable of doing so much more than handheld devices.

When it comes to business and academic settings, laptop and desktop PCs are a necessity. They offer far more memory than even the most technologically advanced tablet or smartphone, which is vital for document processing and data storage used in day-to-day operations. This also means that PCs perform more quickly, which promotes work efficiency and, consequently, productivity. Let's face it, in an office setting, a PC with a larger screen and keyboard is just easier to use, eliminating the need to rely on voice recognition, which is shaky at best, or hunting and pecking at tiny keys.

From the technology vendors' perspective, PCs certainly aren't going anywhere. According to Michael Dell of Dell Inc., there is a much greater profit margin in the sales of laptops and desktops than there is in smartphones and tablets. Consequently, it is expected that PCs will make a bigger showing in events, such as the Consumer Electronics Show, than they have in recent years. After all, to have a profitable industry, it all comes down to dollars and cents. Although handheld devices may sell in larger quantities, more profit comes from their older and more powerful siblings.

Most of the world's population relies on PCs for computing needs, and this is especially true in developing markets. Although there is some use of tablets and smartphones in these situations, PCs are the backbone of technological operations. This in turn will maintain a healthy growth source for PC sales as more emerging countries continue embracing technology.

Given the increasing rate of technological advancements, along with affordable and low prices, it may be a good idea to consider refreshing your computer hardware. This will allow you to keep up with new software and achieve better productivity levels. If this is something you’re considering, be sure to let us know. We will do our best to help you pick the right hardware that will fulfill your requirements and fit your budget.