To empower organizations through Information Technology


Our mission is to help our clients succeed by managing their technology infrastructure and helping them mine the information contained within their data.

We bring our greatest value to an organization when:

  • Their technology just works.
  • We bring them new and better ways of doing business.
  • We are able to help bring insights into their data.
  • We are trusted partners


Integrity, Knowledge, Passion

  • Integrity – What you think, do and say are in alignment
  • Knowledge – Learning and truth are a lifelong pursuit
  • Passion – feeling strongly about your purpose in all areas of life – is a natural state

How We Act

To always do what is best for the client.
We always endeavor to do what is best for the client.  If this conflicts with what is best for the company, we step back and evaluate whether we are the right provider: for the service, for this client.  “Best” does not mean the cheapest or the most expensive, but what is right for the client’s situation.  Our client’s don’t always know what is “best” for them because we are the technology experts and they count on us for our expert opinion.  We can’t know what is “Best” without the client’s input - because they know their situation in a way we never will.  “Best” is determined through conversation and collaboration.   When our clients believe we do what is best for them, they will treat us as a trusted advisor.

To treat others as we want to be treated.
We treat others with respect and dignity. Whether we are dealing with clients, co-workers or vendors this tenet guides our communication and actions.  Sometimes this means we have to step back, take a deep breath and consider what it is like being on the other side of the interaction.  This doesn’t mean that we allow others to ride rough-shod over us or won’t be assertive when needed.

We listen intently, not with our response on our mind but with the purpose of understanding.

To continually improve our own performance and knowledge.
We are proud of our work and take personal responsibility to continually raise the bar on our own performance.  One of the ways we improve is by constantly learning.  We are willing to invest in our education and skill set – even if we are not in a position considered “technical”.  We continually evaluate and adopt new tools and processes that will make us more efficient.  The quote “In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying….” rings true for us.

To live a balanced life.
We each play many roles in our individual lives in addition to our professional life.  We are family members, citizens, community members, etc.  and each of these roles plays an important part in our life.  We realize the need to devote appropriate time to each of these aspects of our life and that they are complementary parts of our life.  We have a duty to give back to the world.