Should the Web be Anonymous?

You may have noticed some issues with choosing pseudonyms if you were an early user of Google .  Social media sites have, traditionally, allowed users to create accounts with artificial names. Google’s decision to remove anonymity has had made some ...

Have someone heading off to college?

Have someone heading off to college? This is a good article that was published in Tech Republic recently. 10 ways to safeguard your college-bound student’s computer Takeaway: You protect your corporate systems, but what about that back-to-school laptop you just ...

Apple Takes Baby Steps With iOS5

At it’s 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled it’s latest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, boasting 200 new features. Developers got their version of iOS 5 recently, with customers receiving the update this fall. Though not ...

What is your data worth?

What is your data worth? The is always a lot of hype and buzz about hardware, operating systems and applications but what do you use your computer for. Your probably like me and use it to view and create documents, ...

Everything You Wanted to Know about Image Formats (But Were Afraid to Ask)

High-quality imagery can transform sales presentations, add polish to websites and put extra oomph in marketing campaigns. To get the most from your images, you must first know your file formats. If you don’t know a .jpg from a .png, ...

Upgraded to Windows 7 yet?

Hesitant about upgrading to Windows 7 because you don’t like change? Microsoft has some good video training available to ease the pain. Check it out.

RIM advises disabling JavaScript in your BlackBerry browser after exploit discovered

In light of the exploit found during the most recent Pwn2Own convention Research in Motion has introduced a new article to the RIM knowledge base advising users of OS 6 capable devices on how to avoid having their BlackBerry browser ...

We can support your MAC!

Having trouble with your Mac?  We can now help with hardware repair or software problems  on Mac computers.  And, of course, we still support Windows based PCs – hardware repair, software issues, and networking.

Our New VOIP Services

Computer Troubleshooters now offers a variety of VoIP phone services! We have specialists for both hosted (cloud-based, no server needed) systems and more powerful digital PBX systems. Here’s a sales video we put together to talk about some of the ...

Welcome to Computer Troubleshooters Blog!

Computer Troubleshooters is now sharing its computer expertise in another medium for its customers. Online! Computer Troubleshooters now has its own blog, which we hope will become a valuable resource for you as you navigate the sometimes complicated world of ...


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